Customer Insights Academy - Managing customer feedback
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All you need to know to make the most out of your customer feedback and user research.

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The Customer Insights Academy is a collection of bite-sized lessons with recommendations, interviews, and practical advice on how to collect, analyze, and take action on your customer data and qualitative research. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to drive company-wide success with your research projects. We are adding lessons every month. Join to get notified!


All customer experience professionals, including product managers, user researchers, product designers, and customer success managers. If you work with qualitative data and want to find better ways to get the most out of it, this course is perfect for you.


Each lesson includes strategies, practical advice, book recommendations, and a resource section to provide you with all the tools you need to build a customer-driven organization.

Here’s what’s covered throughout the academy:

In lesson one and two, you’ll learn how to think about customer feedback, including understanding the role of each data source. We will also explore how change management will help you align your team around customers and the ten steps needed for implementing change.

2 lessons (More lessons coming soon!)

In lesson three, you’ll learn the power of centralizing your feedback sources and how to build a feedback hub.

1 lesson (More lessons coming soon!)

In lesson four, you’ll explore useful frameworks that will help you discover how to turn the feedback you’ve gathered into valuable insights.

1 lessons (More lessons coming soon!)

In lesson five you will learn how to formulate hypothesis effectively, how to validate assumptions with customers and how to avoid asking the wrong questions

1 lesson (More lessons coming soon!)

From communicating insights across multiple teams to being able to close the gap between insight and execution, you’ll learn useful tactics that can help you build the foundation of a culture that puts customers first.

1 lesson (More lessons coming soon!)

Here you will find inspiration with case studies, interviews, and resources to help you support your customer-driven initiatives.

3 Interviews (More resources coming soon!)